Kristine Rae Anderson

 poet     writer    educator

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“The unforgettable poems in Field of Everlasting shine their light on the small, crucial moments that locate ground zero in a woman’s life. I’m drawn to their grounding in the body, their playful questing, their subtle music. Kristine Rae Anderson’s clear, unadorned voice is alive with love.”

––Joan Larkin

There’s a kind of translucence in Field of Everlasting, light shining through the images, and through the words themselves. It’s very clear light, crystalline-sharp, but also mysterious. Kristine Rae Anderson imbues the everyday of life and love and loss — the particulars of being daughter/lover/mother/wife — with something tender and magical. With a deft and precise and lyrical touch, she turns what happened into a kind of eternity. These are keenly observed, beautifully wrought, quietly moving poems.”

—Cecilia Woloch


Field of Everlasting 

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ISBN: 9781-59948-928-5, 42 pages

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Release date: August 2022

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